Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tanya Writes About "Morley"

"Morley"...well, this entry is another kind of serious one. Morley is what our toddler grandson calls Marley, our girl black Lab. She's ten and a half but has never outgrown her puppyhood, and that little boy loves running to her and throwing his arms around her. I don't think it'll be long before he realizes he can ride her like a pony.

If she makes it, that is. Totally normal last Saturday night, she started the week not eating. X-rays show something wrong with a kidney and a suspicious lump in her neck. There will be more tests.

But we've drawn the line at exploratory surgery, at her age. If ultrasounds don't look good, then we'll decide the next course.

I alternate between tears and great hope. She ate a bit tonight. But my hero tries to prepare me, as well.

But hey. We've seen one great miracle this year! It's not out of line for me to believe in another.

Is it?

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